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Due to pre and post-pandemic stress and all the other stressors we are faced with. Many of our immune systems and health are compromised.
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As we all know, our bodies and immune systems need help for optimum functioning. What we feed our bodies, what we get from that food and how we implement healthy practices in our lives. This will determine what vitamins and minerals essential to our well-being we can acquire. The Vibrant Health Way assists in attaining the above with a little more ease in our demanding daily lives.

I know life can be hectic, time-consuming and expensive too. We cannot always meet our bodies’ demands to maintain everything optimally. So we look to trusted products, discoveries and supplementary assistance to reach those heights of function.

Due to pre and post-pandemic stress and all the other stressors we are faced with. Many of our immune systems and health are compromised.

Here I was introduced to the Vibrant Health Family and adopted The Vibrant Health Way. It has added extra support to my changing for a better lifestyle.

Vibrant Health way

The Super C

Super Natural C is a one hundred percent Plant Complex Vitamin C. It is not the typical type we are used to or hear about to the likes of ascorbic acid, buffered vitamin C or a chemical form of vitamin C.

This super C is a natural vitamin C from Camu Camu, Acerola and Amla fruit. It even has green tea extracts.

This wonderful easy-to-take capsule, because it is natural, has up to ten times more potency than synthetic makes. It is there to support your immunity when you need it the most. That is The Vibrant Health Way, support without becoming dependent on it.

This bottle of immune ammunition and a few other amazing products have helped me survive winter. Without a single virus or germ latching onto me, even whilst the rest of the family were ill at times, I was ecstatic.

I must say that I have been far more diligent in my support of myself with these products. Now, I have a lived experience of the working ability of added support.

The big D

Yes, I mean Vitamin D. That special thing we all love to bask in the warmth of the sunshine for. That helpful vitamin – naturally produced through our skin from a present form of cholesterol. It is also known as calcitriol, ergocalciferol, calcidiol and cholecalciferol.

Did you know that Vitamin D isn’t a Vitamin? As we are now familiar with at this point, The Vibrant Health Way is the most efficient and beneficial. Let us find out how by Ange below.

It is a ‘Prohormone’.

A Prohormone is a crucial substance that your body converts into hormones.

I didn’t know that until the knowledgeable Angé Loock-Shearer of Vibrant health, posted about it here. Tap through and read more about how it is absorbed in the body and where and how it is used.

Gigartina – The Vibrant Health way

Gigartina Red Marine Algae features the richest source of Gigartina available. It is rich in sulfated polysaccharides, substances known to inhibit certain viruses.

This product is an excellent addition to any wellness plan as natural immune support. It can be instrumental in warding off viral infections during the harsh winter months. It can also provide additional immune-boosting benefits.

It’s no secret that we have struggled with our immune systems in a few ways. We’ve probably begun using some supplements to support ourselves and our systems as a whole.

It has been an absolute privilege for me to be able to support my systems in the vibrant, healthy way.

My personal experience with the two products

I have been using Gigartina & Immune Defense for numerous reasons. The biggest one is the cavalry for my immune system and the balancing acrobatics for my gut health. Did I mention it is also a virus eliminator? Moreso now, for all the numerous hits I’ve taken after being isolated from the world for such a long time since that virus we will not name has been upon us.

As a family, including my mama, who has many underlying conditions, we have made it through the last two waves due to these fantastic products. I’ve been diligently trying to give my family their immune supporters. Due to this, we have seen a significant difference in how we fight off the viruses we get.

Those who took the knock immediately started on the Gigartina and Immune Defense. These are excellent catalysts to activate the immune system to do what it does best in a more brilliant, more effective way. Fortunately, most of the viruses did not progress passed the first line of defence.

More valuable usage information

Gigartina can be used at the onset or as a preventative measure. One can take four to six capsules daily for the first few days on an empty stomach – first thing in the morning. There are also dosages for children under four right up to adults. It inhibits the spread of viruses, thus blocking off further generations of them.

In addition, there is also a Gigartina ointment tub, which is the best thing I invested in to carry around with me everywhere! A bit under the nose can help defend against the viruses before breathing them in. It also helps with warts. I had two on the lids of my eyes, and after a few weeks of applying the ointment, the size had noticeably reduced. In just over a month, both of them vanished completely.

These two products have become part of our medicine must-haves.

Immune Defense

Immune Defense can be used as an immune system activation at onset, as a preventative measure & post-recovery support supplement. It makes your system smarter & promotes gut health.

It is used to stimulate & support the immune system to carry out its duties more efficiently. Also used as the first defence against any Viral or Bacterial Infection.

This supplement provides the body with additional immunoglobulins – the immune cells the digestive tract produces naturally. As a result, it supports intestinal immune function and helps protect against harmful pathogens.

Its support is so gentle and symbiotic that it does not over-activate the immune system.

The Immune Defense sits right at the front of my counter because it is the first thing I reach for when I hear a sniffle – then a tissue. 😉

Vibrance – Empowering systems in the vibrant, health way

The easy-going green superfood. All the essentials in a convenient powder. One scoop a day in your porridge, yoghurt, juice or smoothie can support your well-being immensely.

Vibrance provides micronutrients which we may find challenging to get from our diets. A diet not providing sufficient goodness can cause loss of energy, a depressed mood & greater susceptibility to germs. Vibrance can fill the gaps efficiently. When body systems are empowered, waste removal is optimal, biochemistry balances & the body can heal better.

My personal experience with the vibrant health way

I am pleasantly surprised & ecstatic that vibrance comes in two delicious flavours: orange and chocolate coconut. Moreover, they are safe for kids and can be disguised in the foods and drinks of their choice—such a game changer.

Haha, I am big on taste. Gosh, I struggle with ‘healthy’ 🤣 tasting stuff. So, when these two arrived in my package to try, I was a little hesitant, although once I mixed some in a glass of orange juice, I was sold. The taste did not change, and the texture or visual isn’t overpowering. If these are significant points for you, use a bottle you can’t see through.

Spirulina & fish oil tabs are the worst. Burping up multivitamins makes me want to upchuck. Also, there is little to no aftertaste when you drink or eat the vibrance powder in your smoothies, porridge or juices.

The vibrant health key potency information

These are also quite affordable (relatively), and there are great bargains when they go on special. You can purchase them here.

They come in a 30-day supply. If you’re on other vitamins & supplements, every alternate or 2nd day still does wonders on this product.

It’s gluten, soy & dairy free, vegan & it is packed with everything excellent.


  • Energy
  • Digestion
  • Nutrition
  • Immunity (this is a big one for me)

With +2.5 billion probiotics, Vitamins C, D, iron & Calcium, it is also perfect for getting some of these into my homebody picky eater son.

Family experiences – Vibrance

My husband says he is getting a lot of IBS relief from it. In addition, it has assisted with his gut health and bowels. If there is anything I have learnt well from the vibrant health way, we talk about everything regarding health. Therefore we know how essential our inner workings are to our health and wellness.

(Remember that probiotics are temperature sensitive, so ensure you’re not cooking with the powder and that you store it correctly for optimal benefit and so that the potency isn’t compromised in any way.)

The vibrant health trilogy

Trilogy – The vibrant health way

My immune system journey has not fallen through the cracks, nor is it over. It never ends. You get to the point of building up the lack & then you keep at it to maintain that functionality & ensure optimal performance & support. When the immune system does take a knock, as life will have it, with the amount of floating, illness-causing little monsters waiting for the chance to find a host, then these will come to your rescue.🤣

Not this body, Germos! In here, you will be exterminated!😜 Thanks to all these natural support supplements now available to us. The Vibrant Health team are individuals passionate about health and wellness, and they take it upon themselves to research and source the best for optimal functioning and then share it with us.

Seriously, the team at Vibrant Health has been such a magnificent space to call on when the need arises for me to support my system. You can find them on their website. On a biological level which ripples through on a mental level too.

My personal experience with the Trilogy from Vibrant Health

I’ve been on the Trilogy Multivitamin 3-in-1 pack for a month & it has done all the things to offer me peace of mind & a very unfavourable host for the germs to hoist their flag & conquer.

Together with the Immune Defense & Gigartina, I have been quite incredible! I am soldiering through in excellent health whilst also being able to support my family in close contact with viruses roaming around from school and our regular play spaces.

The Trilogy pack has offered me three points of defence & strengthening:

First, in my gut – with about 25 billion probiotics.

Then, in my body – with a cocktail of organic multivitamins & minerals.

And finally, in my brain – with Omega 3 (which is mercury free)

With this one-box support system, I have felt so held & supported in my body. I am eager to check out another in a month.

Dependable support without becoming chronic support

I like to give my system a chance to do things for itself, too, to give it a break & allow it to do all the stuff with the helping hand it receives from supplements before giving it another boost. Assisting in not becoming completely reliant on anything else. Where my body crashes when removed, especially with affordability and other factors.

This is what I love about these products, they educate your system & help it to function independently without making you dependent on them.

Cran - Vibrant Health

Super Natural Cran

The dreaded, most painful urinary tract infection – my mama is diabetic, and if you are familiar with the pains and side effects of diabetes, you will know that this is one of them.

Finding something that works and offers her relief without having to go on antibiotics numerous times a year isn’t easy.

The Super Natural Cran has been a saving grace for her. She has had fewer infections, and the ones she does have clear out in about 2-to-3 days once she starts on the Super Natural Cran.

Krebs Zinc from Vibrant health

Do you know where the energy of life gets produced? That production takes place in the centre of each cell. There is a magical miracle which takes place within this furnace called the mitochondria. And called the tricarboxylic acid cycle – Krebs Cycle for short.

This process generates life energy in the form of a substance called ATP.

Why is this important?

Without ATP, you will not be able to breathe, move your fingers, think or heal. Without it, survival is quite impossible. Cells generate energy throughout their life; therefore, the need for the organic acids required is always strong.

It is essential to have an efficient way for easy absorption of minerals bound to them—and for their transport through the blood and delivery to cells for utilisation.

This chain of events above describes bioavailability.

Krebs Cycle – Vibrant health

A series of ten chemical reactions where body tissues use food to produce energy – ATP. The Krebs cycle is like a chain. Which also makes it as strong as its weakest link. If any of those ten experience compromised, the production of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) suffers interference.

What you will experience if that happens – The Vibrant Health Way

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome
  • Stress
  • Lack of Energy
  • Tiredness
  • Bad Sleeping Patterns

This is not an exhaustive list of things to which poor energy production can lead.

There is an upside when there is an increase in ATP energy production

  • Increased athletic performance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better eye-hand coordination
  • It helps sore, tired and bruised muscles recover
  • Prevents Cramping
  • Improves focus, concentration and mood

Check also the research conducted by Russel Jaffe M.D

Let’s wrap it up

My journey with Vibrant Health has been and still is, a wonderful and beneficial one. Angé and her team have been so forthcoming and helpful and guided me through each product that catered explicitly to my well-being and those who trusted my word about them. Get in touch with her via any of their platforms and allow them to support you through this investment in yourself.

I take this kind of trust to heart, especially when influencing you to spend your time and money on things I advocate. I trust and believe in the Vibrant Health brand. It is pretty awesome.

They have numerous products in their online store. Browse through and see what you need and how they can help here.

Did you know that there is also a range of supplements for your furry loves too?

Please check out my other blogs for easy access to more reviews on products, services, and experiences I enjoy and trust.

Make sure to read my other blogs here. You will find many health and self-awareness-directed conversations and insights.

Lots of love,




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