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Joey a delightful thought leader in spaces that matter, where she is making changes that will forever make a positive impact in the world.
Fabulous Joey

The Woman – A parenting and social work thought leader in motherhood and life.

In one lifetime, we meet many people, and we cross paths with even more and sometimes, we may feature in their movies, or they may feature in ours. Joey being a thought leader in a few spaces, makes me thankful to feature her on my blog. She is such an effective personal parenting and social work thought leader in the space areas holds.

It could be that our feature in their life movie is one of a supporting character. Perhaps even a character there as a catalyst to set off a series of events which will lead them closer to their purpose.

In my life, Joey is a specific person I want to feature in this write-up. She has been a constant in my movie from a point in my life when I decided to adopt a growth mindset. She has been a pivotal part of the continued encouragement and inspiration required for this ongoing journey to be less lonely and isolated.

A woman who isn’t just a parenting and social work thought leader.

Meet Johannah Ramatsobane Dlamini, or as we all know her, via her beautiful soul and online persona, Joey – and I say that with so much love in my heart.

Apart from being an author, social worker, mama of three, and Founder of Be Accentuated – helping the youth in ways, she would have appreciated in hers’. She is also a thought leader, cycle breaker, heart holder, cheerleader, game changer and purpose riser.

Joey is where you will find impessentialpects with grace and no judgement. This comes through regarding open, honest, raw, and vulnerable conversations and feelings.

The Author of a teen parenting book

When it comes to parenting, guiding teens, and reparenting yourself, Joey knows the how-to. If one wishes to come to terms with the reality of life’s happenings, it is best to follow her. She executes beneficial anecdotes and infographics which portray information in easy-to-digest ways. These are communicated through posts, webinars and insights using her knowledge & own lived experiences.

As a parenting and social work thought leader, she has numerous platforms where she takes up space or accessibility.

Whilst sharing her adventures with healing, marriage, friendship, her belief system and raising three beautiful, mindful & loving children, she educates us all.

She also covers this topic extensively, but not exhaustively, in her published book – The Teen Top 25. You can contact her here to purchase it.

I was in tears after the chapter on ‘Let’s get the foundation right.’

When faith comes full circle and leads the way to become a thought leader in spaces we hold

Joey is a Christian-believing woman & this is how the book’s heart begins. The book encapsulates the Christian faith belief system through her lived experience, but anyone can relate.

She speaks about things we as children are forced to participate in, like being a part of the community and congregation or attending religious institutions and events. How hateful we are at those moments sometimes, and how we rebel against those experiences.

But, at the end of it, she shares her absolute gratefulness that now, in adult life, we have those teachings & invitations. There comes a time when we are left with our faith as we face battles; we know we can kneel & lean on God for. We arrive at a place in our growth and understanding where we find the love in faith & not the fear-based roping.

It is beautiful how she strings her experiences with words, telling a story of her life and all the lessons, transformations and transitions she had to morph through.

The more she unpacks it so full of feeling & realisation, the more you will relate, lean in and want to consume.

The book is very interactive and reflective regarding parenting or reparenting.

She also includes a reflection at the end, inviting the reader into a path of faith and Godliness. She advocates through her faith with conviction and prowess.

This book provides information in such an accessible way. Joey captures her experiences and learnings in a way that teens can easily devour.

In the book, there are aspects of myth-busting regarding tough conversations. She talks about things like sexual intercourse, finance & puberty. There is light shed on the diffproblematicrd-to-have exchanges while sharing knowledgeable insight.

Joey’s perspective will resonate with so many individuals and communities. Her lived experiences, work-life experiences & amazing heart shines through in every chapter.

Every chapter ends with a reflection exercise, which helps put pen to paper & thoughts to tangible outcomes. This is a beautiful way to hold yourself accountable as you travel through this transformational journey beside her story.

The book is not just a piece of reading material but a guide, a work of validation & a catalyst of absolute growth. A parenting and social work thought leader in motherhood and life.

It is a source of empowerment & knowledge – for your growing child, for yourself to reflect on your inner Teen & for an understanding of what children & teens are experiencing & in need of in different communities in different levels of privilege.

The Person

Being the first child, she has always sought to help and rescue, sometimes at the cost of her own heart and well-being. She is now recovering and healing herself as she walks into her becoming and shines. Joey is married to an entrepreneur and believes it is pretty rough sometimes and not all that glamorous, as it is made out to be by some. Working a 9 to 5 is just one of her daily roles, and she firmly believes that no one should ever be shamed for a full-time job.

 I always admire Joey’s sense of quality in life, in her connections, interactions and possessions. She is such a style icon, and you can see the joy she experiences in showing up, dressing up and being ready for anything.

She understands her priorities regarding material possessions and how she wishes to navigate her life unattached to them.

A parenting and social work thought leader, mother, partner, community leader and individual.

Having acquired her second degree as a mother of 2, she believes it is never too late to pursue your heart’s dreams. She represents and standstill, taking up space and opening it up for others.

 I have always found interactions with her refreshing. She has a quirky sense of humour and a laugh that will make you want to join in.

This welcoming and inviting energy surrounds her whenever I have been in any virtual conversations with her.

O Yes, did I mention that I have not yet met Joey in person? But I know that that meeting must happen.

The Mother

She thrives as a responsive parent with gentleness, understanding and a willingness to learn every day and take her children’s lead.

With two boys and a little girl who shows up as tenacious and fiery as ever. Joey is winning as she navigates her parenting with such openness and self-reflection.

I believe that with mothers like her, the children, parents, and individuals who cross paths with her content will undoubtedly be better off for it.

Joey uses her advice regarding parenting and social work as a thought leader in motherhood and her own life.

As she shares her daily struggles and challenges. The big and small wins, she also educates. Joey reflects and sits with these experiences within herself first.

There is no linear path to motherhood, through motherhood and beyond motherhood, and Joey sheds a bright light on that truth.

Speaking of truths, let’s get to some of the truths she holds.

Joey’s Truths

 These are a few truths she lives by, written by her on her Instagram profile which you can find here. There will be no turning back once you open yourself to the knowledge and education she freely shares on her platforms. You will these and so much more. A parenting and social work thought leader. In motherhood she is always reflective of her own inner influence too.

  • I don’t have to compete with my old self.
  • Who I was, served me well, and I am grateful.
  • I embrace the new me without being ashamed of the old me.
  • I am grateful for all of me.
  • My small wins and victories matter.
  • My being matters more than my doing.
  • I deserve ease

The Forever Influencer

Whether in person, online, virtually, or in her everyday life, as she shows up in all the roles. Even as she shows up in her identities, and titles she lives by. Joey is a beautiful, safe source of holding to all those influenced by her being.

I hope for her a heartfelt wish of forever effecting change in the world as she continues to do every day.

As always, follow my blog, share the love here and be your most authentic self.

Lots of love,




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