The reason I chose to be a Self-Awareness and HRB (Heart Rhythm breathing) advocate and coach is:

In the beginning, discovering how manipulating heart rhythm to realign on a physiological level blew my mind. Moreover, I began to see the power in the heart and the magnitude of influence it has on our entire beings. It was exactly what I needed to choose this route of self-awareness discovery. Choosing to be a self-awareness and HRB advocate and coach daily gave me the insight needed.

I choose to be a self-awareness and HRB advocate and coach daily. My self-awareness, spurred on by my children, has been the beginning of all my primary healing. Although, before that, I had already embarked on a journey of getting to know who I truly am and why I am. Therefore, these questions opened up a whole new world of psychology, neurology and biology for me.

In the beginning, discovering how manipulating heart rhythm to realign on a physiological level blew my mind. Moreover, I began to see the power in the heart and the magnitude of influence it has on our entire beings. It was exactly what I needed to choose this route of self-awareness discovery. Choosing to be a self-awareness and HRB advocate and coach daily gave me the insight needed.

The simple self-care in the media without choosing to be self-aware and know oneself deeper

We hear these statements all the time sold by brands and commercialised as self-care:

  1. Have a long shower.
  2. Get out of bed and wear something nice.
  3. Get your hair, makeup and nails done.
  4. Take a vacation or a getaway.
  5. Get some sunshine and fresh outdoor air.
  6. Meet friends for coffee/tea/drinks.

Although these things give us minor hits of good hormones, they work while engaged in the activity. It may only work for you if those activities relate to your interests or disposition. If you have to recover post-activity, then perhaps that one is not for you. Some actions may have a warped sense of modelled meaning for you. And that may have played into some false truths you may have adopted.

In finding numerous spaces where confusion sold as conviction without depth exists. I chose to be a Self-awareness and HRB coach to bring clarity to the deep work required before confidence is attained in those areas of choice.

Read a little more in this well-written blog about self-care

“The problem is in our framing of the situation. You may be in a season of young children. A season of laundry. A season of career acceleration or deceleration, whichever the case may be. We can have it all. We have to choose. Each day, we get a fresh 24 hours to decide.

Today, self-care, for you, maybe a bubble bath. If you are a runner, it may mean a loop around the block. However, if you are a writer, it may mean a half hour of uninterrupted time with a pen. And, if you are all these things and a mother, like me, it may (*for today) mean a shower. I have learned to celebrate a shower the way I used to savour a warm, 10-day tropical vacation with a hardcover by my favourite author in one hand and a margarita in the other.” Read more here.

I chose to be a Self-awareness advocate and coach because everything begins within me.

The feeling of limitations or stuckness in one personality category boggled my mind. I could not find belonging in an introverted, ambivert or extroverted space. Obviously, I chose to dig deeper and see why I felt I had to. What were the personality tests I was doing telling me about myself? Although they maybe helped me figure out what my default functioning preferences were. Furthermore, they kept me stuck in a forged identity without expanding further than that belief and personality compass.

When I found the reason, I chose to be a Self-awareness coach so in this journey I can help others. I was ecstatic to share the tools and insights immediately.

It told me I enjoyed communicating in a certain way and that specific jobs suited me better. In the beginning, that was enough to help me fit into something. To belong to a category of persons operating the same even though I wished to be more than that. Generally, I enjoyed knowing how I wanted others to approach me for the best communication. And I also learnt how to manipulate those practised traits to get what I wanted from different personality styles.

Choosing self-awareness and HRB coaching changed the context of my inner dialogue.

Once I began practising HRB and putting in place self-awareness techniques, I noticed the following questions come to mind: first, I questioned if the category I was assessed and placed in fit me. And if I had to embrace it or operate from a place of unconscious influence.

  • Was it the me I wanted to uphold through the influence of what my inner child chose for my protection in the past?
  • Was it the me now as an adult a little more in control wanted to live by?
  • Was it the me I wanted to adopt because it served me in my life?
  • It is the me that’s allowing me to thrive to my full potential.
  • Is it just the me primarily influenced by the less favourable experiences in my life where a chosen trait benefitted me at that point? Therefore, I latched on to it and made it who I am.
  • Is it my identity and where I want to fit forever?
  • Do I want to grow and expand beyond those trait limitations?

It was easier now to determine why I chose to be a Self-awareness coach and answer these questions for myself first.

Perhaps a repeated pattern of choosing a more introverted approach to things served me as a teen in tumultuous environments. Correspondingly this led me to develop that trait and use it more often, making it part of my identity. I asked why I was steered towards choosing a more introverted approach. The reason I choose to be a self-awareness coach daily is that the insights I find offer me a choice. Are there traits you operate from that you find don’t serve you as an adult now? Have you offered yourself a choice?

Predictably we react in ways patterned by our younger selves because of past experiences. These may not be serving us well in our lives as adults, where we have better autonomy within our lives. There may also be a certain hereditary percentage contribution to the temperament we are natured with.

Why choose to be self-aware and practice HRB for clarity of thoughts? – My Reason to be a Self-awareness advocate and coach.

To trust that you are in control of who you choose to show up as in individual situations. Moreover, to gain the ability to make decisions void of fears based on the outcomes of past experiences. Therefore, allow yourself to choose from the full spectrum of offerings. Essentially the operating choice is not predetermined from a more vulnerable, innocent time in your life. Often a time when caregivers offered little guidance and protection in your environment. How can you thrive on the same operating hardware and software that a younger you used? You can empower yourself if you want to show up as a thriving, healthy in-charge living being in the now.

HRB helps monitor your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and allows you to manipulate it, increasing resilience. You will find realignment and a calmer nervous system as you master this breathing technique. It will enhance your health, wellness and strength of your mental well-being. The methods and apps available come with easy accessibility and usability. It does not require a controlled environment to monitor and use. That is another reason I chose to be a Self-awareness and HRB coach. To see all the in-between operation variations and help others do the same. Follow here to learn more, or book a session with me here.

I choose to be a self-awareness and HRB advocate and coach daily.

Because I spend so much time studying and understanding everything else presented to me from all sides and depths. Moreso, I place a lot of conviction, time and effort in those understandings, yet I sometimes don’t know why. Even though I am the driving factor, I have not given enough time in my life to find and debunk the depths of me. To find out what my truths, limitations and avenues of expansion are. Therefore hoping it leads to a life of complete happiness and thriving rather than survival. So, the reason I chose to be a Self-awareness coach was to help others discover this too. To discover how to choose that nurturing part.

We want to be able to thrive and not just survive daily for the bare minimum this life has to offer. Particularly the tools our mind, body and heart offer can be used for optimal energy. To be able to thrive beyond our preconceived limitations of expression. Furthermore, no personality test can determine who you should operate as every single day in your life in the variety of interactions you have. I will share one which allows you to see where on the spectrum of nature temperament you may score in the next blog.

Let us not encourage and play into those limitations for ourselves, our children, and those, we love or connect with. Ultimately, if we can be more, why not try to embrace that awareness and thrive?

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