About Reacquainted Self

About Reacquainted Self

About my work through Reacquainted Self

Are you, like me, an individual navigating a healing journey? One of parenting, reparenting ourselves, self-growth & a Reacquainted Self. To release the power within and create safety for our inner child. Let me share the tools which have helped me and hold your hand as you embark on your healing. Barely Parenting, rarely function, but always thriving in our full power.

About my work through Reacquainted Self – My primary aim for Reacquainted Self is to journey back to self.

The wish is to impart tools that work and that can be easily used daily. To introduce techniques and harness a growth mindset in so many where there is no recurring monetary cost.
Seeking therapy can hold so many hindrances. Accessibility, choosing what is important enough to take to therapy, with limited sessions. And then the cost per session can accumulate to a lot.

Going through sessions with guidance, templates, and tools may ease the process. Knowing one’s operating style and default traits could assist you in narrowing down specific conversations you can take to a licensed therapist regarding their origins and your further journey.

Engaging in breath work that makes a physiological change in heart rhythm can prepare you for episodes outside of immediate assistance. This assists you in realigning so you can get to a space of clear thought to make different decisions.

My role in this work

With my work through Reacquainted Self, I walk you through a series of thought patterns and techniques to optimise the environment from where your old patterns come.
When we change the inner context, we can change the thought patterns. We create a growth need when we optimise the environment within us by understanding it and its whys. This growth need leads to a growth mindset and continuous self-betterment. When we have this, we can be happy more often, for longer and thrive fully.

Tools shared are not a replacement for therapy and help you may need for your mental health or illness by a licensed professional.

Why I chose to be a Self-Awareness and HRB (Heart Rhythm breathing) coach:

Once I began practising HRB and putting in place self-awareness techniques, I noticed the following questions come to mind: first, I questioned if the category I was assessed and placed in fit me. And if I had to embrace it or operate from a place of unconscious influence.

  • Was it the me I wanted to uphold through the influence of what my inner child chose for my protection in the past?
  • Was it the me now as an adult a little more in control wanted to live by?
  • Was it the me I wanted to adopt because it served me in my life?
  • It is the me that’s allowing me to thrive to my full potential.
  • Is it just the me primarily influenced by the less favourable experiences in my life where a chosen trait benefitted me at that point? Therefore, I latched on to it and made it who I am.
  • Is it my identity and where I want to fit forever?
  • Do I want to grow and expand beyond those trait limitations?

Perhaps a repeated pattern of choosing a more introverted approach to things served me as a teen in tumultuous environments. Correspondingly this led me to develop that trait and use it more often, making it part of my identity. I asked why I was steered towards choosing a more introverted approach. I choose to be a self-awareness coach daily because the insights I find offer me a choice. Are there traits you operate from that you find don’t serve you as an adult now? Have you offered yourself a choice?

How these tools open the realm of that choice for us

HRB helps monitor your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and allows you to manipulate it, increasing resilience. You will find realignment and a calmer nervous system as you master this breathing technique. It will enhance your health, wellness and strength of your mental well-being. The methods and apps available come with easy accessibility and usability. It does not require a controlled environment to monitor and use. This lets you see all the in-between operation variations and helps others do the same. You can thrive fully by using the tools and getting to know your core self. This is what I want for everyone.

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