Compact Sand Tray Play Set



Discover the joy of creative play with the Compact Sand Tray Play Set for just R150. Perfectly sized for young explorers and equally enchanting for adults, this set includes a smaller tray 24cm, smooth black rocks, a mix of stones, three tools for shaping and raking, a charming little house, one moss rock, a sturdy tree with a base, fine sand, one round bark piece, and a whimsical mushroom.

Benefits for Kids:
– Cognitive Growth: Sand play promotes cognitive development as children learn about spatial awareness and practice problem-solving.
– Emotional Development: It’s a natural way for children to express emotions and can be therapeutic, often used in play therapy to encourage communication and understanding.
– Sensory Experience: The tactile nature of sand helps develop touch senses and fine motor skills.
– Imagination and Creativity: Building miniature worlds fosters imagination, creativity, and storytelling.

Tips for Sand Play:
– Use guided story-making with the pieces to help children express themselves and create narratives.
– Encourage children to use the tools to practice writing letters or drawing shapes, enhancing their fine motor skills and literacy.
– Set aside ‘quiet time’ with the sand tray for a calming activity that can help reduce anxiety and improve focus.

This kit isn’t just for children; adults can also find solace and a creative outlet in shaping their own sand garden, making it a versatile tool for relaxation and stress relief in any home or office.

Take care of you, from deep within your soul to the tips of your fingers.

Please note that the tools and accessories included may vary in colour and type from those shown in the images, offering a unique touch to every kit. Additionally, the trays are designed for easy self-assembly, allowing you to personalize your space for play and relaxation.


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