Complete Kids Sand Tray Set


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Unleash a world of imagination with our Complete Kids Sand Tray Set, a treasure trove for sensory exploration and educational play. This all-in-one kit includes shape stamps, picture stamps, a mini ladder, a decorative fence, a lifelike tree, an adorable house, five smooth rocks, a small bag of colourful stones, four specialized tools including a writing tool, a sturdy tree stand, wooden peg dolls, and a full set of small wooden letters A to Z and numbers 1 to 10.

Here are six creative ways to play and learn with this set:
1. Alphabet Garden: Use the letter stamps to create a sensory alphabet garden, matching letters with corresponding picture stamps to build vocabulary.
2. Counting Rocks: Practice counting and basic math by arranging the colourful stones and number stamps.
3. Storytelling Landscapes: Craft stories using the peg dolls as characters, setting the scene with the house, tree, and fence.
4. Sensory Writing: Develop writing skills by tracing letters and shapes in the sand with the writing tool.
5. Nature Exploration: Learn about nature by creating various landscapes using rocks and tree stamps, discussing habitats and ecosystems.
6. Artistic Expressions: Encourage artistic flair by stamping patterns, creating sand art, and mixing colours with the vibrant stones.

This set is a must-have for fostering educational development, sensory stimulation, and creative expression playfully.

And then, on top of that, there are the emotional intelligence, regulation, and expression points of benefit as well.

Please note that the tools and accessories included may vary in colour and type from those shown in the images, offering a unique touch to every kit. Additionally, the trays are designed for easy self-assembly, allowing you to personalize your space for play and relaxation.


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