Serene Sand Tray Play Kit



Introducing the Serene Sand Tray Play Kit for just R325 — a tranquil retreat for your home, office, garden or child’s play area. This carefully crafted set includes a tray, fine sand, an assortment of natural and black rocks, charming mini mushrooms, quaint little huts, a delicate ladder, a cosy bench, two round wood trunks, an enchanting moss rock, a blossoming flower tree, a versatile 3-piece toolset, and a quaint wooden fence.

Benefits of the Sand Tray Play Kit:
– Encourages mindfulness and reduces stress through the meditative practice of sand play.
– Stimulates creativity and imagination as you create your own miniature landscape.
– Enhances fine motor skills with the placement of delicate items and the art of design.
– Offers a peaceful break from the digital world, providing a hands-on experience to refocus and re-energize.
– Allows for expression of unspoken emotions and experiences
– Offers a safe processing space
– Perfect as a unique gift or as a charming decorative piece that brings a sense of calm to any space.

Create your own pocket of peace with our Sand Tray Play Kit — your journey to relaxation and creativity begins here.

Please note that the tools and accessories included may vary in colour and type from those shown in the images, offering a unique touch to every kit. Additionally, the trays are designed for easy self-assembly, allowing you to personalize your space for play and relaxation.


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